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Palms have been the lifeblood of Jungle Jack's from the beginning. We offer an extensive line-up of the finest palms for both interior and exterior plantscapes.

Interior Palms

the Jungle Jack's kentia is one of the finest kentias available. We offer them in sizes from 8" through 14", and heights from 3' to 7'. It's a signature, coastal California-grown plant, with roots developed in a custom soil mix that makes our kentias more durable than any Hawaiian-grown plant and most other California product. If you haven't tried our kentias before we believe you'll notice the difference once you do.

Chambeyronia macocarpa 'Red Leaf' or 'Flamethrower' Palm
Not widely available, this is a unique plant for certain interior and exterior applications, distinguished primarily by the stunning bronze-red color of its new fronds as they emerge. For those who like color, this is a must have.

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Exterior Palms

Chamaedorea plumosa 'Baby Queen' - View Photos
with the exception of the 'Coconut Queen', this is perhaps the most exciting palm to hit the market since... well, since ever, maybe. It combines the plumose foliage of the (all-too) common Queen Palm with a trunk reminiscent of bamboo, and puts them together in a neat package that won't much exceed 15' in height. It's a great accent for any yard, and is the perfect complement for today's world of smaller yards. It also does extremely well in both interior (where it's a perfect substitute for messy bamboo) and exterior applications, making it an incredibly versatile plant. And right now you won't find this incredible palm anywhere else.

Caryota gigas (King Kong or Black Trunk fishtail) - View Photos
We were the first to introduce this amazing palm based off an initial collection from Thailand in 1986. Subsequently, more collections have been made and today this palms is becoming more and more familiar as one drives around Southern California. Our current inventory was personally collected by Jungle Jack's in 1995 from a remote location on the Thai/Lao border at an altitude of approximately 6000 ft/2000m. Feedback from customers indicate that the fishtails from this collection are more wind-resistant than those from lower elevations elsewhere in Thailand. No matter what, this is one of our favorite (and most spectacular) palms. One last note - while all single trunk fishtails flower and die, it should be noted that with one reported exception all palms from the original 1986 collections are still in growth mode, which leads us to believe that the lifespan of this palm may be in excess of 25-30 years.

Coconut Queen® (Syagrus hybrid) - View Photos
We're palm people at heart, and have seen a lot of palms hit the market. In the early 70's it was the Seifrizii palm. Then Roebellini. Then Rhapis excelsa. Then Dypsis decaryii. More recently, it's the Mule palm (B. capitata x S. romanzoffianum). These were, in their time, very significant introductions, so we don't take it lightly when we say that the Coconut Queen® is at least on a par with these palms, if not better in its own way. I don't have a better way to describe it other than to say we've managed to combine the grace and elegance of the kentia with the hardiness and versatility of the Queen palm. We've had many visitors to our location who often remark that our 'kentias' (quotes added for emphasis) did not receive ANY damage from the worst freeze in California in the last 50 years, with temps under freezing for more than 8 hours at a stretch for 3 straight days, hitting a confirmed low of 24 F at our location. They're equally surprised when we tell them these are not kentias, but 'Coconut Queens'. It's a hybrid like the mule, but to compare them is akin to comparing a Ferrari to a Yugo... The Coconut Queen® is simply that much better.

Salient Facts about 'Coconut Queen'®

  • Cold hardy to within 1-2 F of Queen Palm (high teens)
  • Upon reaching mature size holds up to 40-50 fronds, compared to 15 or so for a comparable Queen palm
  • Digs and moves like a Queen
  • Slower growing than a Queen by about 30% - no instant beanpoles...
  • Because it's a hybrid, produces on average about 90% less fruit than a Queen palm, meaning much less mess and therefore less attractive to bats, rats, and tree-trimmers.
  • The first truly tropical-looking palm that's hardy - 'nuff said.

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