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Our cycad offerings grew out of a personal interest in these amazing relics of history. It has to boggle the imagination that one can actually possess (at a reasonable cost considering), a plant is essentially unchanged in the last 140 million years (Cycas thouarsii). Can you buy any other living fossil for less than the price of your house??? Probably not... In some ways its like contemplating the Big feel very, very small when you think about it.

What's even more amazing is how timely, useful and hardy these plants are. It's no wonder they are the ultimate survivors of the plant kingdom. They're made to order for today's world of small yards, climate change, and the urgency of our water supply.

Our collection features Macrozamia, Encephalartos, Cycas, and Dioons... not necessarily any of the really rare species, but ones that are affordable and hardy. It shouldn't take an Encephalartos woodii to help one appreciate a cycad. We welcome you to download our general availability cycad list for our wholesale offerings. Highly limited quantities of other less common species are also available via phone inquiry only.

Please note, all cycad sales are limited to the United States and US territories due to CITES regulations. All of our cycads were either propagated from legally exported seed (non-CITES) or obtained via CITES-permitted export.


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